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            人休 美女品性感白嫩美女吊带美乳酥胸

          Asahi Huanai

          Ayaseto AV

          The heart will not die until it reaches the Yellow River.



          At present, the news of Messi's transfer to Manchester City is heavy, but it's hard to say whether it can be finally achieved, so city will also consume more energy. But Chelsea are basically in place, from this point of view, the Blues will be better prepared. Chilwell has played in the Premier League for many years, so it doesn't need too much time to adapt. The reinforcement of this position is also very important, because this position has always been the unstable place in the game. After the strong reinforcements are in place, the left brake of the team doesn't need to worry any more, and the current configuration rotation is no problem.

          At present, the outside world has more expectations for Chelsea. Werner has increased the attacking ability of the front line of Chelsea. This fierce player scored 28 goals last season and is expected to continue the same strong performance this season. Zijesh in the previous warm-up game and Werner's tacit understanding

          The temptation of silk stockings




          The temptation of beauty

          Beautiful woman

          Xiaoshui Kanpan



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